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There are several business cases driving organizations to adopt cloud computing. Organizations frequently have one or more of these goals in mind:
  1. Decrease the cost of IT operations. This includes not only software and hardware, but also data center costs such as network bandwidth, electricity, physical security, cooling, fire suppression systems, even insurance.
  2. Become more agile when it comes to server and data center provisioning. By taking advantage of on-demand facilities offered by cloud computing vendors, applications can be quickly and easily scaled up and down as needed, without lengthy and costly delays to requisition and build-out new hardware.
  3. Allow applications to span across enterprise boundaries, such as to easily integrate with business partners. Cloud computing allows organizations to run business processes in a virtual B2B environment regardless of differences among each trading partner’s enterprise architecture, network, operating system, and development platform.
  4. To enable federated security across multiple organizations. By taking advantage of cloud computing, organizations do not need to open firewall ports and create user access accounts behind the firewall for partners who may be transient. This decreases security risks.

To support these goals, organizations would much prefer to integrate in-use applications with new cloud-based applications and services in “hybrid” designs, rather than take years to rip-and-replace the in-use applications that users depend on every day. Adopting an intelligent hybrid strategy is the cornerstone of Microsoft’s recommendation to follow the S+S approach. Naturally, this leads to a discussion of specific integration techniques. In other words, “How do we do it?”

Announcing the Availability of the BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK 1.0

The BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK 1.0 is a collection of BizTalk WCF Adapters that extend BizTalk Server 2009 capabilities of supporting integration of existing on-premise applications with new cloud-based applications and services running on the Windows Azure platform.
This release includes two first adapters capable of connecting on-premise applications with Microsoft Windows Azure Live Framework and .NET Services.

BizTalk Adapter for Live Framework.jpg BizTalk Adapter for .NET Services.jpg

BizTalk Azure Adapters Tutorials (coming soon)

The BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK tutorials contain information about how you can use BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK to develop feature-rich S+S adapters to facilitate enterprise application integration with new cloud-based services.

The tutorials contain simple examples built around a set of predefined operations. You do not need an actual line of business system available to complete these tutorials. However, details provided in the tutorials can be applied to your adapter development needs, from understanding metadata to writing outbound handlers and beyond.

Use the following tutorials to learn how to use key parts of the BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK:
  1. Tutorial 1: Develop the LiveMesh Adapter
  2. Tutorial 2: Develop the Internet Service Bus Adapter


You can download the BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK 1.0 CTP (July, 2009) from the Downloads section of this project.

Community and Support

The BizTalk Azure Adapters SDK 1.0 CodePlex project has been created to log bugs with the BizTalk Azure Adapters Team and to provide updates to additional adapters over time. Once you log a bug, someone from the BizTalk Azure Adapters team will respond to you within five days with an acknowledgment and status. Any future updates or tools will be provided through this project until further notice.

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